Artificial Intelligence Takeover in the Making?

Computers are among the first artificial intelligent gadgets in the world. It was amazing how they could actually do things that even some humans could not. With time however, they are more of smart devices especially with the advent of digital assistants. There are many types and brands of digital assistants in use. Since their invention and subsequent innovations, they are becoming more of our daily live colleagues than gadgets. There are of course many pros and cons but the truth remains that the digital assistants are here to stay, if not to also multiply and do much more for and with the humans for whom they are created. However, with the more innovations on the gadgets, it is apparent that they may be out to have a takeover but, of course, not in a way that will harm. Some of the AI inventions are breathtaking if not also groundbreaking.

Among the first digital assistants introducing a more functional use of artificial intelligence were Siri, Alexa by Amazon and Google Assistant by Google. These assistants use Wi-Fi to get their information from the internet with the aid of several search engines for instance Google search for Google assistant and Wiki for Alexa and Siri. These assistants could answer questions asked, control smart gadgets in their vicinity and do all the smart stuff that smart devices can be made to do. Wuith a simple voice command or question after activation, there is very little the digital assistants cannot be made to do. They get customized to the demands of the user with continuous interactions and can do much more on being prompted by voice. It is on the premise of these digital assistants and the Android technology brobots created by Google that more robots are created with much more to do and muster for the benefit of the masters and humanity in the long run.

‘Ross’ is a lawyer recently hired by Baker and Hostetler Law Firm. Ross is also the head of the bankruptcy section of the law firm and is expected to work with more than two dozen lawyers in the department. Ross is hardworking and committed. He can stay up to very late, in fact, he never sleeps as there usually are notifications to be sent even at night depending on the time zone on the cases that the department has been handling in which judgment has been passed or relevant information given. So what is all this about Ross? Ross is the first artificial intelligent lawyer. Ross works just like the human attorneys and is able to look at the given arguments, summarize and make arguments complete with proper citations for the benefit of justice and the clients. This is a new frontier in artificial intelligence and is expected that with time even more is to come with this technology. Still, Ross is not the only robot working in the ‘traditional’ human careers or environments. Ross is a product of IBM and is lauded for the effectiveness in service as he can compute results very easily from thousands of cases and citations to deliver needed information in a very short time.

Fodderworks, an American company that grows feeds for chicken, cows and other animals, in a bid to cut down on cost of production and increase efficiency, have created a robot that does the growing of the fodder for them. The robot uses a series of conveyor belts and temperature regulations to produce the more nutritious fodder for the said animals. These are grown indoors without the use of soil and has seen the production increase by 400%. This is the future we have with Artificial Intelligence especially in 2017.

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